Next Trustees Meeting will be held Tuesday, February 16, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Fireside Room.

Trustees meeting minutes from March 24, 2015
Trustees Minutes Tuesday, March 24, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Linda Hamilton, Chair. Laurie Clough led the group in prayer. In attendance were: Linda Hamilton, Johnny Gerrish, Debra Gerrish, Pete Bednarowicz, Beth McEwen, and Laurie Clough.
The minutes were read and approved as corrected. Chair Linda Hamilton pointed out that she had asked Trustees members to think about their dreams; what do you have that would like to have, not just a list of things to fix.
Parsonage Remodel:
Big Picture/Finances
There was general discussion about the big picture of the parsonage remodel. Pete estimates that materials costs at about $60,000 dollars. Finance is drafting a fundraising letter to solicit donations to cover whatever costs associated with the parsonage remodel that go over the $41.000 in the remodel fund. Beth volunteered to send the letter to a larger group soliciting funds outside of our church mailing list. Trustees suggested a goal of $25,000. Johnnie will comm
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Here's the minutes from our charge conference.
Charge Conference 2015.pdf
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Committee Meeting Minutes

Staff Parish Relations Committee

SPRC meeting minutes for February 13, 2015
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SPRC meeting minutes for January 28, 2015
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Board of Trustees

Trustees Meeting Minutes for January 20, 2015
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Administrative Council

Administrative Council meeting minutes for January 8, 2015
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Finance Committee

Pastor Cost Scenarios for comparison of part-time pastor. (PDF)
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Pastor Cost Scenarios for comparison of part-time pastor. Spreadsheet
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Mission Committee

Missions Committee meeting minutes for January 14,2015
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