Committee Meeting Minutes

Finance Committee - from the Treasurer

Our church has received very few donations from our regular contributors since we have not been worshiping together at church.  


I did a little research and discovered the following option for giving to DCUMC . . .

It turns out that “there is an app for that”!

On the iPhone App Store, search for Give+.  This application is provided by VANCO Services, LLC and categorized as “Finance".  VANCO is our credit card services / direct deposit provider, and you may have used it for purchases with your credit card at our 4th of July BBQ.

After you have installed the app and opened it, you must select a church and the easiest way is by zip code.  Enter 99824 and Douglas Community UMC is the only one listed.  Select it.

If you already have a user ID from giving donations through the church’s website, I think the same ID and password will work.  Otherwise, you will have to create your profile and enter payment information.  You can then enter a donation.  It can be a one-time donation, or you can set up for weekly or monthly donations to fulfill your pledge.

You can set up your donation from your credit card or directly from your checking or savings account (ACH).  Please note, that there are fees deducted the donation amount.  Credit card payments cost 2.75% but ACH costs only 0.9%, so please consider using the bank account information.  

There are only a few members who have been using recurring donations through VANCO and these are the ones who have kept up their giving.  Please consider donating through this application or simply mailing a paper check to the church’s address, 1106 Third St, Douglas, AK 99824 or with one of the DONATE links on this website. 

The church continues to have all expenses still occurring.  We may see our Electric and Fuel bill go down a little but that is about it.  The economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are bringing more people to our food pantry and we are adapting to meet the need. But if we can’t keep the general operating budget of the church going, we will not be able to keep providing our food missions.  

We are still managing the weekend backpack program for students, but Sharon is having some trouble getting the bulk quantities she needs.

Please make effort to support your church through these difficult time with both your prayers and financial giving; we are in this together.


Thank you.

John M Gerrish
Douglas Community UMC





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