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Admin. Council - Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 6:00 P.M.  Please note that the Admin. Council did not meet on July 20, 2017 as reflected in the minutes printed below.  Thank you!

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2018 Trustees Report for Ad Council
2018 Trustees Report for Ad Council 1 17
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Douglas Community UMC Trustees 


Report to Administrative Council 


The DCUMC Trustees met in February, March, April, and June in preparation for the two VIM Teams coming from North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  Pam Moore from Illinois also came to serve us.   


The NC Team, capably led by David Millsaps, arrived on or about May25th and departed on June 7th.  They accomplished the following:


  • Installed stackable washer/dryer in the closet upstairs by the Fireside kitchen.
  • Did preliminary electrical work for future new lighting project in the Sanctuary.
  •  Re-roofed the shed at the back of the church with leftover metal roofing.
  •  Sanded and varnished the front doors of the Church; sanded and painted the back doors of the Church; painted the Nursery; sanded and varnished the windowsills in the Fireside room and kitchen; reattached some of the floor mouldings in the front entry, stairs to Grant Hall, and the ramps.
  •  Helped with the Lunch is Served Program.
  •  Installed new lighting in Grant Hall fellowship area.
  •  Installed 5 new toilets in the Church.
  •  Built a new shed for the trash and recycle bins at the Church and to be shared with the LBH.
  •  Remodeled the LBH Bathroom, replacing the tub and surround, flooring, and the toilet.
  •  Installed new front door at the LBH.
  •  Poured a concrete walkway to the front entry of the LBH.
  •  Installed a new fuel line at the Church.
  •  Poured a concrete slab to hold the new fuel tank at the Church and set the tank in place.
  •  Cleaned the outside of the windows at the Church.  


The PA Team, led by Ron Salsman, arrived late in June and accomplished the following:


  • 4th of July BBQ Preparation and worked the BBQ all day.
  • Emptied all of the white cabinets in Grant Hall in preparation for the installation of the new floor.
  •  Removed the old, white carpet in Grant Hall and patched a few areas.
  •  Installed the new vinyl flooring in Grant Hall.
  •  Repaired the arctic entry at the Parsonage, replaced the door and jamb, vinyl flooring.
  • Removed carpet in3 bedrooms at Parsonage and sanded and refinished hardwood floors in said rooms.
  • Cleaned Parsonage kitchen and washed cabinets, walls, etc., cleaned drawers.
  • Mowed the grass at the Parsonage.   


Pam Moore, the mighty VIM from Illinois arrived at the end of June.  Since then, she has:  


  • Mowed the Church lawn several times.
  • Cleared and weeded the Church flower beds and trimmed the edges.
  • Working with Linda H., cleaned out the Pastor’s office at the Church.
  • “   , cleaned and cleared the former Food Pantry closet of items accumulated for rummage sales that never happened. 
  • “   , cleaned the back area of the Church by the BBQ room.
  • Took 2 loads of “stuff” to the Salvation Army.
  • Took 2 cartons of books to the Friends of the Library.
  • Took 1 or 2 loads to Recycle.
  • Took 1 load to hazardous waste.
  • Worked extensively with the PA VIM’s on the BBQ.
  • Helped with Lunch is Served.
  • Helped with the Glory Hole Meal.
  • Is serving as Craft Leader out at Discovery Camp.
  • Single-handedly lugged all of the items and debris in the Parsonage Basement that was to be discarded, up the steep basement stairs to the 20-yard dumpster; basement is clear!
  • Cleared out the Parsonage Garage and took some discarded sports items to a sports equipment recycle business.
  • Other duties as assigned!  Nothing was too big, too heavy, too anything for Pam!   


I think that I have mentioned all of the projects completed; I am sure that I may have missed a few items.   


Our Church is forever indebted to the VIM’s who come to our aid on various construction and maintenance projects.  We, as Trustees, need to strive to stay on top of maintenance and deferred maintenance.  


I would like to thank Laurie for keeping in touch with the North Carolina Team and for writing thank-you’s, and for keeping me calm; Pete for heading up the North Carolina Team – we don’t always see eye to eye, but the job is always done!  Thanks to Johnnie for being level-headed and for heading up the Pennsylvania Team; and Pam for being Pam.  She is a dream to work with and is the true image of what a VIM is.  Best Board of Trustees ever!   

Other information:


  • We have ants in the Grant Hall kitchen; Pete is supposed to work on this while I am away.
  • Pastor Jason will be replacing the toilet on the main level of the Parsonage.
  • The Parsonage basement walls need to be coated and painted so that the space can be used for living area.
  • Some Parsonage window blinds are broken and need to be replaced; new curtains are needed.
  • Trustees need to identify future project and maintenance that is needed on the 3 properties.
  • We have a VIM Team from North Carolina who is interested in coming to help with the 2018 BBQ; Laurie has the details.   


Thanks and blessings, everyone!   


Linda Hamilton


DCUMC Board of Trustees


Administrative Council


Administrative Council Meeting


Douglas Community United Methodist Church


May 18, 2017   


The meeting was opened with the song “Lead Me, Lord”.   


In attendance were Claudette Curtis, Melissa Engel, Laurie Clough, Jenna Coy, and Linda Hamilton.  


The minutes of the March Administrative Council Meeting were read, and approved as read.   


SPRC Chair Jenna Coy reported about their current work to finish the pay package for new pastor Jason Cornish.  District Superintendent Carlo Rappanut has directed the church to use the savings we have in being assigned a half time instead of a ¾ time pastor to move us forward towards a full time pastor.  We have been directed not to add this savings into the general fund.  This is in keeping with a previously expressed interest from Trustees and Finance to look at retiring our mortgage when we have completed the current round of deferred maintenance projects.  Bookkeeper Linda Hamilton was unsure if Carlo’s numbers were 100% correct, and she will look into that.


SPRC Chair Jenna Coy has accepted a job in Ketchikan and will be moving this summer.  Pastor Melissa suggests we see if we can have an acting chair for the rest of the year, and then see if we can have a new chair by Charge Conference.  Jenna will be working to get the Pastor’s pay package done before she leaves.  Linda Hamilton will be assisting with that.   


Missions and Outreach chair Laurie Clough reported that we are trying to adjust the hours of our Food Pantry to be able to fully staff it with two volunteers at a time to comply with Safe Sanctuary Policies.  Feed The Hungry Coordinator Sharon Lowe has compiled information about when other food sources are open and has suggested Wednesdays and Fridays from 2-5 pm.  The Council agreed to adopt these new hours as of Friday, June 2.  Linda Hamilton will work to get the information out about the change in hours, and will makes signs advising of the change in hours to be posted on the door.  We will also try to get signage listing opening hours and days of other food sources in the community.  


The Feed the Hungry Grant has been received by the church for the next year, and the amount has been increased by $5000, though not as much as we had requested for the combined missions of Feed The Hungry and Feeding Juneau’s Future.  Grant Administrator Sharon Lowe and Laurie have prepared a Solicitation Letter to go out to the community at large to support the work of these programs to diversify our funding.  Laurie will check and see if Sharon has sent the letter out yet.   


The new grant is focused on the work we are doing to end food insecurity among school aged children and youth in Juneau, and will end grant funding for our Food Pantry, and also for the Glory Hole meal we provide.  Sharon is willing to continue shopping for us when she shops at the Food Bank, and has estimated that it will cost the church about $200 per month to cover the food pantry without help from the grant.  


Laurie suggested this is an opportunity to expand into the community of Douglas to aid in contributing food and funds for our Food Pantry.  It is a gift to be able to give, and we want to open this opportunity to the larger community as well as to our members.  We agreed to have the first Sunday of every month from 10 to 12:30 designated as a time of opening our door for food donations from the larger community, and work to get the word out.  We have a list of items that are most popular at the Food Pantry, and Linda will make sure it is posted in the bulletin on the last Sunday of every month to remind people. We will also seek to get the word out to the larger community through our website and social media.  In the past, the Montessori School in Douglas and the Boy Scouts have conducted food drives and donated food to our Food Pantry.  We will try to reach out to them as well  


Trustees Chair Linda Hamilton reported about the upcoming deferred maintenance projects that the North Carolina VIM team will be working on, beginning in less than a week.  The team will be working mostly at the Little Blue House doing the following: 


  1. Installing a system of French drains to alleviate water build up against the foundation.
  2. Replacing a tub and tub surround and faucets in the bathroom.
  3. Replacing the front door.
  4. Replacing the roof on the shed located on the corner of that property.
  5. General clean up in the area of the shed.   


In addition, around the church, the team will be doing the following:

  1.  Building a concrete pad for the new oil tank, which will be located behind the building.
  2. Installing the new oil tank and running new fuel lines to connect it to the furnace.
  3. Replacing all the toilets in the church with new toilets.
  4. Installing a stackable washer/dryer in the church.
  5. Tearing down the old trash shed and building a new one for the current sized cans for trash and recycling.
  6. Installing new shelving in the pastor’s office, and painting the office.
  7.  Doing general repairs as needed around the building.   


The North Carolina Team looks at their experience here as one of work and also of being in personal retreat as a team.  We usually have one potluck meal with them and the congregation. We will plan this with the team after they arrive.  They also wish to go up the tram, whale watching, and to the Shrine of St. Therese.  Claudette will get them tram tickets, Laurie will set up the whale watching, and Linda will help drive for it, as well as for the trip to the Shrine.  

Laura Mulgrew had said she would be willing to loan her minivan to the team for transportation.  Laurie and Cam will loan their Honda Element, which can act as a truck.  Linda Hamilton will find out how much it will cost to rent a pickup truck if they need one for part of the project, and confirm the minivan availability with Laura.  


The Trustees will also be working with SPRC and the new pastor to fine tune the quiet hours agreement between the pastor and tenant Elizabeth Graham.  


Pastor Melissa Engel shared her thoughts and ideas about this time of transition for all of us. She is requesting that the church farewell potluck for her be held on Sunday, June 4, so that Michael can also attend before he leaves.  Her last Sunday will be June 11.   


Pastor Melissa also shared that Pastor Jason has requested to meet with his committee chairs sometime in July.  The Council agreed to set an Administrative Council meeting on July 20.  Administrative Council Chair Laurie has met with Jason, sharing with him an overview of the mission and vision of our church in order to assist in a smooth transition.  SPRC continues to be in communication with him, and Linda, in her role as Administrative Assistant, has met with him also.  We are anxious as leaders to integrate Pastor Jason into what we have already built and created in Douglas, and also to have him enrich us with his ideas and vision for our church.  Pastor Melissa encourages us to care for each other and do everything we can as leaders to facilitate a smooth transition.   


The Pennsylvania VIM team has confirmed that they will be coming to assist with the Barbecue.  They will also be removing the carpet in Grant Hall and installing a new composite floor.  We are planning to manage the Barbecue as a team effort with the VIM team helping with all the work.  Melissa reported that Marietta Hopkins has agreed to head up the potato salad.  Johnnie Gerrish has committed to doing the meat, but Linda will check with him because of his family emergency that has taken him out of town. Laurie agreed to head up clean up and show the VIMs what needs to be done, but is unsure of her work schedule and whether she will actually be there in time to assist.  Linda is making a sign up sheet to head up the other work areas, and will pass it around in church this Sunday.  Barbecue leaders will be responsible for organizing the work and supervising, not working the entire day.  It is our goal, with the help of the VIM team, to make the barbecue both a success as a fundraiser, and also as a work of outreach into the community.   

The next Administrative Council meeting is set for Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the Fireside Room.  The meeting was closed at 7:25 pm with the singing of the song “Christ Beside Me”.