Past Event Photos

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper March 5, 2019

Pictures of Parsonage Renovation - June 9, 2015

Pictures of Parsonage Renovation - June 6, 2015

The rains started before the N. Carolina VIM team were able to finish it weather tight.  Hence, the tarp on the mountain side.  The four picture windows will be facing the channel and Mt. Roberts.  

Because the rental unit on the second floor is independent living space, fire regulations require there be a 1 hour rated fire separation between the first floor and the second.  So a big added workload to the project was scabbing a layer of drywall to the ceiling of the main floor.  This of course requires a complete taping and mudding job to finish the drywall.  All the wall board work you see is on the main floor.  Upstairs has some of the interior walls erected and some of the plumbing roughed in, passing through the downstairs walls.  Although the N. Carolina VIM team has done a lot of work, still a lot more to do.  Can you help?

Pictures of Parsonage Renovation - Day 3