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Douglas Community UMC

Special Easter Sunday Worship With The Greater Northwest Area and Bishop Elaine
We are invited to participate in the Greater Northwest Area-wide celebration of Easter!
Bishop Elaine J. W.  Stanovsky will deliver an Easter message complemented by the musical and vocal gifts of people across the Area, including Alaska. 
10:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 12, 2020
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Another Note From Emily!


Gratitude Sabbatical

Last night our family was sitting around the living room, with just the fire and some candles lit, eating grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  The girls were full of questions and fears about the virus and what this means for them.  They had just learned that the university has closed its doors, and we had just filled our pantry with food from an extra Costco run.  We answered their questions, and offered assurances.  But we also took time to just be grateful together.  We talked about those we see every week at the food pantry, and prayed for those who didn't have the money to stock up, or who might lose paychecks if they have to be home.  Even though we are sad we can't do things like school, and folk fest, and our jump-rope club, we are so thankful that we are all together, and that we are healthy.  We decided we'd try to see this time as a gratitude sabbatical. A time to let go of all our outside commitments and business and just rest a little.  A time to be together as a family.  And a time to be thankful that God has given us so much.

Emily Wall






We are offering anyone who would like to check in with one another a daily ZOOM call. This will be a good way to let us know if you need anything.  We are also offering a Filipino Language ZOOM call at least weekly, and more often if wanted.


If you sign in on your computer, Ipad or cell phone you will be able to actually see everyone, if you wish, on the call.  You can also call in and participate audio only from your land line, but it is a long distance call.  Text me if you have issues. (907.602.6736)  SEE ZOOM LINK BUTTON BELOW!  


Starting Friday, Pastor Karen will host the call daily at 6pm, and will hang out there for 30 minutes.  Children are welcome--it might be good to see one another and talk.  Next Monday at 5pm we will host a Filipino language call, KC and Karen will hang out there for 30 minutes.  


There is also an audio only option. Email me if you would like this number.



Even though we are not physically meeting at the church, we still have bills to pay!  Please mail your offering checks to the church at 1106 Third Street, Douglas, AK  99824.

Or, we encourage you to donate electronically using any one of the "Donate" buttons on this website.  It is a quick, efficient way to donate.  Thanks, in advance, for your continued support!  Blessings to all of you