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Alaska United Methodist Conference Prayer focus this week: The Alaska United Methodist Conference Carlo Rapanut, Superintendent

Holy Trinity, we come to you in prayer for the 46th Regular Session of the Alaska United Methodist Church to be held in Seward, Alaska on May 31 - June 2.


Creator God, grant all delegates and guests safety as they travel by air, land and water. Grant us wisdom and discernment in deliberations and decision-making. Grant us grace and love in our conversations and dealings. Help us to see one another as you see us - your beloved children, created in your own image, each one unique and special, and in whom you are well-pleased!


Savior Jesus, save us from our worst selves and from the temptation to hate and discriminate, especially against those who differ from us in appearance, culture, or persuasion.  May we love as you have loved us. May your love be our guide as we gather. May you be the tie that binds.


Holy Spirit, send your fire and fill us with passion for what you are up to in our world today. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. As in Pentecost, empower us with your Spirit so that we may break forth from fear and complacency into vital ministry that transforms the world!  Amen! 

Greater NW Area Leaders Express Disappointment Over Failure to Ratify Amendments Expressing Gender Equality, Rights

PNW News - In this week preceding Mothers Day, word circulated to United Methodists that the church had failed by a thin margin to approve two constitutional amendments affirming the equality and “rights of girls, women, and other vulnerable groups.” The failure to ratify these amendments approved by the 2016 General Conference was disappointing, sending a negative message to many regarding the equality of women in The United Methodist Church. More