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What Everyone Ought to Know About the...The Wall Family

Hi, Everyone!

We are the Wall family, and at Pastor Jason’s suggestion, we are writing this short letter to get to know you  all better and for you to get to know us.  We’ve been coming to DCUMC for two years now and we love our church home.

Corey and Emily met at Oxford University 26 years ago and we have been married for 22 years.  We moved to Juneau as part of our honeymoon and planned to stay for a year; of course, we fell in love with Juneau and have been here ever since!  Corey is an architect and works for the firm Jensen Yorba Lott. He works on all kinds of projects like museums, libraries, schools, and hospitals.  Right now he’s so excited to be working on new pavilions at the glacier. Emily is a writer and professor of Creative Writing at UAS. She loves her job and especially loves watching students learn how to write poetry.  She has two books published with a third under contract and she recently won a Rasmuson Foundation grant to start on her fourth book.

Acey is 11 and just started middle-school at Dzantik’i Heeni. She got to choose four “exploratory” classes and she chose art (her favorite subject), orchestra (she’s learning the violin), life skills, and P.E.  She likes having a locker and really likes her homeroom teachers.  Ellie Jo is 9 and she’s a 4th grader at Gastineau.  Her favorite thing is reading!  She just finished reading the entire Harry Potter series.  She is also learning to cook and can make three full dinners by herself now.  Lucy is 7 and a 2nd grader at Gastineau.  Lucy learned to swim this summer in Hawaii and she is the best snorkeler in the family!  She loves being in the ocean here too, and is often down on our beach up to her knees in freezing water.  

We are so thankful for this church!  We love serving as food bank volunteers and, occasionally, as Sunday School teachers.  We want to thank everyone for the delicious food served after church each Sunday, and for how much everyone at church has made us, and especially our kids, feel welcomed and a part of this community.

Emily, Corey, Acey, Ellie, and Lucy Wall