Our Prayer This Week


Our Prayer This Week

Let Us Pray For . . . 


Almighty God, we Your people thank You for our worship time. We come to You with our joys and concerns; we know we can always turn to You at any time or place and You are always near. Thank You for Pastor Karen, the spoken word, the beautiful music and bless the children’s time.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer and thank You for the life of Reverend David Fison who is with You now. Thank You for all Reverend Fison did for his family, the churches, and the community. We lift in prayer his wife Aileen and all of his family and friends and pray for comfort and peace for them.


Almighty God, we thank You for answered prayer. Thank You that Carlene’s son-in-law got the transportation he needed.


Almighty God, we Your people pray for those who are grieving. We lift in prayer all the family and friends of Darlene Tyson. Thank You Holy God for Darlene’s life and the joy and laughter she brought to so many. Thank You for all she did for others, for the Glory Hall and her family. We pray for comfort and peace.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer the community of Kake.  We are saddened by the death of the pilot and crew lost in their plane on their medical flight to Kake.  We pray for their families and friends and all the folks in the community of Kake. We pray for safety for all those working for Guardian Flight flying to medevac folks.


Holy God, we lift in prayer all who are facing health problems. We lift in prayer Al and Mary Ann. We lift in prayer Mary Reeves who fell and was medevac’d to Anchorage.

Holy God, we pray for all the children to be safe and happy. We lift in prayer Barbara’s great granddaughter Rory who will have ear surgery. We pray she will be comfortable.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer the Alaska Family and Child Center. We all share in their heartfelt prayers of celebration, prayers of concern and prayers of healing. We share in their prayers for their families. We pray for all the staff of the Alaska Family and Child Center.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer all pets that bring so much joy and love. Thank You for Lacey who will be joining Laurie’s family. Thank You for Pepper and Etta and all pets. We lift in prayer Lilli’s kitty Boo who will be going to the vet. We love our pets so much.

Holy God, we lift in prayer all the work folks do for the church. We pray for the work being done at the parsonage.


Almighty God, You know all the prayers folks have in their hearts, the concerns and needs of all. We pray that we will all be kind to one another and pray for each other. We thank You that You are in charge.


Holy God, let us remember that all people are special. We pray for our leaders that they will have the spirit of Elisha and Elijah.


Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayers.  


If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at


(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!