Our Prayer This Week



Let Us Pray For . . . 


Almighty God, we your people thank you for our worship time. Thank you for David Means being with us on Sunday and for the spoken word. We lift in prayer David’s wife, Stephanie, who had surgery and is recuperating. We lift in prayer Pastor Karen who is traveling and for safe travels for her. Thank You for our children’s time. 


Holy God, thank you for our celebration of Native American Ministries Sunday! Thank you for the YEES KU OO Dancers sharing their dances and songs.   


Almighty God, thank you for answered prayer. Thank you for Stuart’s recovery and good health.


Almighty God, we ask a blessing on all our families and lift in prayer Sandi Hicks and her family. We lift in prayer Robert who will be traveling to Anchorage for treatment and pray that all will go well.  We lift Sandi’s son, Dale, in prayer. 


Almighty God, we lift in prayer Priscilla and her family. We pray for comfort for those who are dealing with health issues in Priscilla’s family. 


Almighty God, we lift Carlene in prayer and pray she will be blessed as she travels to be with her daughter Petrina and husband Wes, and grandchildren, Paxton and Addy. Thank you for Carlene having a good time with company visiting. 


Almighty God, we thank you for Brandon, Hannah, Octavia, River and Raven returning to Alaska for the summer and ask a blessing on this family. 


Almighty God, we lift in prayer David Moore, Director of United Campus Ministry and pray for college students. 


Almighty God, we lift in prayer all who graduated from UAS on Sunday. Thank you for Kelsey and we pray for all college students everywhere.


Almighty God, we lift up and pray for blessings on all the youth who attended prom night. We always pray for safety for all youth. We lift in prayer and pray for blessings on all those getting ready for upcoming graduation.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer the staff and students of the Alaska Child and Family Center and ask a blessing on this center and on heartfelt prayers offered by the students and staff.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer animals of the land and sea and air. We pray there will be abundant fish.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer all victims of tornadoes and other natural disasters. We pray for folks to be safe and thank you for all those working and helping to make folks safe.


Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at


(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!