Our Prayer This Week



Let Us Pray For . . . 


. . . Almighty God, we Your people thank You for our worship time. Thank You for Jon and those who provide us with beautiful music. Thank You for our Pastor Karen and our celebration of Palm Sunday. Thank You, Holy God, for Your creation and thank You for Robin who fixed our flower beds so beautifully.


Almighty God, we Your people lift in prayer all who could not be here today. We ask a special blessing to all of our congregation. We lift in prayer Stuart and pray for her healing quickly; we pray that all is going well for those going through any type of medical procedures and lift in prayer all medical staff.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer all those who are traveling; all the youth and all those taking care of the youth. We thank You for the talent of our children and youth, and their wisdom and their speaking out when they feel things should be made right.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer our children and pray that they never be abused. We pray that children can be happy and well cared for and thank You for the coloring books.


Almighty God, thank You for answered prayer. We lift in prayer Sandi and Robert. We thank You that Robert may be able to have a kidney transplant and we continue to pray for Robert. We lift in prayer Barbara and thank You she will be able to get her eyes fixed in May. We pray that Barbara will be comfortable.  We lift in prayer Melanie who is not feeling well today.


Almighty God, we continue to pray for those who are grieving and pray for comfort. Thank You for those who help when folks need comforting. We lift in prayer Linda’s niece who lost her dad. We pray for comfort.


Holy God, thank You for all those who traveled to Juneau for the Folk Festival and for sharing their joy of music.


Holy God, thank You for family and friends who come to visit us, especially for the excitement of grandchildren coming to visit.


Almighty God, You know all the concerns we have and we continue to pray for healing in the political situation. We pray for wisdom for the good of all people when decisions are being made. We lift in prayer our City, our State and our Country that they will have the wisdom to make the right decisions for all.


Holy God, thank You that we can come to You at any time with spoken prayer and prayers that are on our hearts.


Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayer.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at


(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!