Our Prayer This Week

Let Us Pray For


Almighty God, thank You for families who care about us, no matter what kind of family but all who we call family.   Thank You for our church family. Thank You for our time to be together for worship. Thank You Almighty God for our Pastor Jason. Thank You for our children’s time and their participation in our worship.


Almighty God, we lift in prayer all those dealing with health issues. We lift in prayer those grieving.


Almighty God, we pray for all those affected by the earthquake in Anchorage and celebrate and thank You that folks were not hurt. We pray that all will be safe.


Almighty God, we continually pray for the victims of the California fires. We lift in prayer those who have lost their homes and lost loved ones. We pray for comfort and strength.  Thank You for all the folks helping each other.


Almighty God, as we come into the Christmas season, we lift in prayer all Your people everywhere.


Holy God, we lift in prayer all who are traveling to be with family or have a relaxing time. We pray all will be safe.


Almighty God, we Your people have many concerns and we know You know the hearts of all Your people. We continually pray for strength and peace for all those dealing with the holidays, the homeless and all who deal day by day. We pray folks will feel Your presence. Thank You for all the kindness shown to others and let us not forget to be kind to all we meet. We don’t know what folks are going through, but You do.


Holy God we pray for our government for all those taking office.


Holy God we pray for our world.


Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at


(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!