Our Prayers This Week - October 19, 2017

Let Us Pray For . . .



Prayers of thanks and praise for all our community and for prayers for peace. Thanks that all feel comfort in our prayer tree.



Prayers for the good thoughts folks leave at the prayer tree and prayers for the beautiful fall colors.  Prayers for Bryan Bottleson that he will know he is loved.



Prayers for Jeff and all family and friends to find peace and comfort. Jeff’s mother, Judy, passed away. Thank You Holy God for the life of Judy.  Thank You Holy God for all the folks who find peace in our prayer circle.


Prayers for those struggling with issues and that they will know they can turn to you every day. You know all the things folks deal with and how much You care about ALL Your people.



Prayers for safe travel and relaxation for all traveling. Travel mercies for Laurie and Cam.



Prayers for Claudette’s sister Caroline for continued healing and comfort.



Prayers for Priscilla. Holy God Priscilla loves You so much and prayers that she will feel Your presence.



Prayers for Jessie and Baby Jamison and thank You Holy God for all parents and new babies.



Prayers for Helen Bonnett and all her family and friends. Prayers that Helen will be comfortable.  Thank You Holy God for folks working for Hospice and all the love and care they give.



Prayers for continued healing for Natalie, Linda’s aunt and joy she is coming back to Juneau.



Prayers for Bunti Reed and for her family; her son Ray. Prayers of healing and comfort for Bunti.  Prayers of thanks for our Mission U and all who made it a spiritual experience. Thank You for Pastor Karen and the folks at Aldersgate.



Prayers for Karl’s friend Nick and prayers for Karl.



Prayers for all the victims of the fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and prayers for all those helping each other.



Prayers for Priscilla’s family and her concern for her family.



Prayers for Carl’s sister Nita and all the family.



Prayers for the husband of a co-worker of Pastor Jason’s. Holy God, we pray for comfort and healing.



Prayers for Kevin and all his family and thank You Holy God for Kevin and his little girls.



Prayers for Ellen Wells. Ellen fell Saturday and was taken to the Emergency Room. She remains in the hospital due to a reaction from pain medication.  Dear Lord, we pray Ellen will be okay.



Prayers for Sandi’s daughter Lisa’s boss, Patrick, who needs dire prayers for his health. Doctors are concerned that Patrick’s body is shutting down.



Prayers for our aging pets.

Prayers of thanks to Almighty God that we can turn to You with prayers spoken, those upon our hearts. Our hearts can be saddened by events going on, but we feel Your presence and know we can come to You. We pray for all who are grieving; all who are dealing with health issues and uncertainties.    


If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at

(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!