Our Prayers This Week - August 27, 2017

Let Us Pray For . . .


Prayers of thanks that folks find comfort in our Prayer Tree


Prayers for serenity.


Prayers for all the folks in all the Pioneers’ Homes and that they be comfortable.


Prayers of healing; for families; strength, peace and patience for the staff at Alaska Child & Family Center. Prayers of concern and celebration. Prayers for all new students and prayers that all students will know they are loved and know God hears their prayers spoken and silent.


Travel mercies for Pastor Jason and prayers for a safe trip for Pastor Jason’s mother and father returning home.


Prayers for Ken and Elizabeth and prayers of peace as Ken faces more eye surgery.


Prayers for Jonas moving to Haines and settling in a new school.  Prayers for Denny and Barbara as they adjust to Jonas’ move.


Prayers for children that they be stress free and be happy.


Prayers for Jessie Ray that she will be relaxed and comfortable during her pregnancy.


Prayers for Ellen and the joy of becoming a grandmother.


Prayers for one who has a detached retina that this can be healed.


Prayers for Ellen and that her future is secure.


Prayers for all who are in hospice/hospital – that they will feel God’s healing virtue.


Prayers for all students and teachers.


Prayers for all who have the burden of making decisions, may they follow the wisdom of God.


Prayers for our faith community international that they continue to be the hands and feet of God.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at

(907)364-3195 or claudette600@hotmail.com.  You may also contact the Church at (907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net.  Thank you!