Our Prayers This Week

Holy God we Your people thank You for the many blessings You send us each day. We love You and You are the provider of all good and perfect gifts.
Holy God thank You for the wonderful Mission U in Sitka this past weekend and for seeing our friends. Thank You for the speakers Walt and Susie and thank You for all they have done to help folks around the world to have a more comfortable life. We pray for safe travel for everyone.  We pray for a special blessing for the Sitka United Methodist Church and for Pastor Hammett.
Almighty God we Your people lift in prayer all who are dealing with colds, flu and other not feeling good. We pray for Laurie and pray she will be cured of her cold. Holy God we continue to lift in prayer Debra and that her allergy testing can be finished and that she will be comfortable through the testing. We lift in prayer Elizabeth and Ken and thank You for answered prayer that medical staff are helping Ken clear his eye infection.  Holy God we lift in prayer Pam and her Dad and Mother and pray Ken is doing better.
Holy God we lift in prayer all who are traveling. We pray for travel mercies for Carol, for Elizabeth, for Holly, For Carlene, Linda and all who are looking to travel.
Holy God we lift in prayer our church. our Pastor Melissa, our young disciples, our congregation and thank You for all they do.
Almighty God, bless our community, our state, our world and pray all who are in harm's way be safe.  Lord Hear our prayers.

If you have a prayer request, please contact Claudette Curtis at

(907)364-2408 or dcumc@gci.net. Thank you!